How do I buy from Minnies Online Store?

How do I register with Minnies?

Click here to register.

How do I buy from Minnies?

  1. Choose your products

Our products are laid out in alphabetical order. So it’s really easy to find a product you are looking for. Alternatively you may use the search box which is located at the top of the page. Product images are also available. Simply click on an image for more detailed product information such as pack size availability, ingredient declarations, allergen declaration and nutritional information. Should you wish to know more please e-mail

  1. Add to cart

Once you have chosen the products you wish to buy, click the “Add to Cart” button. All the products chosen will now appear in your shopping cart. You also have the option to add products to your wish list. Should you wish to add more products to your shopping cart click on the Continue Shopping button.

  1. Checkout

3.1 Confirm all the products you want are in the Shopping cart.

3.2 Click “Proceed to Checkout”.

3.3 If prompted, sign in to your account or create a new account if this is your first order.

3.4 Choose your payment method.

3.5 Double check your order details and complete payment.

3.6 Your order will be delivered to the address you provide.

  1. Payment

Can I pay using EFT?

Yes. Your order will be processed once the funds reflect in our bank account.

Credit card payment is also available.

Returns Policy: Exchanges, Cancellations & Returns

Returns and Exchanges will be considered under the following circumstances:

  1. Product failure: If the product has failed before the bottle has been opened (e.g the product is “off”), we will arrange for the collection of the product at our expense and depending on your choice, will either replace or refund.
  2. Damaged product: If the product is damaged upon delivery i.e. leaking bottle, take a photograph and contact us immediately – If the product leaked, do not Discard the damaged product and packaging safely immediately after a photograph has been taken. The photograph must include the batch code of the product which is printed on the bottle. Minnies will replace the product and deliver at its’ own cost. As the bottle is plastic, dented bottles do not qualify as damaged.
  3. Incorrect product supplied: We will arrange for the collection of the product and replace at our expense.
  4. Incorrect product ordered: The product may be returned at your expense. Should you wish to receive a refund, the amount refunded will be the total amount less the courier cost to Minnies to deliver to you. Should you wish to replace the product, the courier cost, and any difference in the cost of the products already paid for, and the replacement products, will be communicated to you and will need to be paid before the replacement is supplied.
  5. Cancellations: Orders may be cancelled after payment, at no cost to you, provided the order hasn’t been collected from Minnies for delivery.


Please note that all returned products will be inspected prior to any further processing.