The Minnies Story

Minnies is a family business established in 1993 manufacturing just 7 products. Today we manufacture over 90 products.

  • Sauces & Condiments.
  • Marinades & Bastings
  • Salad Dressings
  • Pasta & Spaghetti Sauces

We supply the Retail and Food Service markets in South Africa and various other countries around the world.


Minnies has worked on various projects with many different customers and companies in South Africa and abroad.
We have gained a lot of experience in R & D, worked with customers who had specific requirements with regard to their food preparations, new menus, cost saving exercises, product flavour enhancement and have ultimately become experts in our products and offerings.

You will be pleasantly surprised at what we can offer you.

Learn from our experiences. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It will offer a wonderful insight into what we as a company can offer you. To this end we put together a guide to using our sauces in a recipe booklet called “Create a Dish”. It’s a very simple and easy way to use our products to create really tasty food. Request your free copy today.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you..

Why Minnies? Value for Money

  • Our products are tasty
  • We are passionate about our products.
  • We have over twenty years of experience.
  • We have stringent food safety controls in place.
  • We know our products intimately and can offer insight into products which will work for you, compliment and enhance your meals.
  • If we say it’s a Peri Peri Sauce, you can be rest assured that it is and not Tomato Sauce with a handful of Chilli Powder thrown in.
  • All our products are manufactured to unique formulas which is reflected in the taste of all our products.
  • Our products are versatile and have multiple uses such as Cook-In Sauces, Sauces, Condiments, Marinades & Dip.

We Bottle Emotions, Discover Yours…

We kept the website as simple and as easy to read as possible. This has been especially true with regard to the product descriptions. There’s none!

Certain products don’t need any descriptions at all, like Tomato Sauce. But Aged Chilli Sauce might require a description to hint at the flavour, thickness and texture.We could describe Aged Chilli Sauce in the following manner:

“We took ordinary fresh chillies, added some lemon, threw in some spices and drizzled our super special blend of magic and turned it into something really special.” But what does it really mean?

Now for a bit of philosophy based on a book read many years ago! Please bear with us. It should put a smile on your face. Can you describe what an orange tastes like? A chocolate ice cream? Tea? Can you describe anything you consume to someone who has never tasted that meal before?

Or the texture of anything? The list is endless. Never thought about it, did you?
This is the limitation in the way we currently communicate which often leads to confusion and mis-understanding which leads to‘ I thought you meant…’ moments. Everything we do is linked to emotions. From the car we buy to the clothes, makeup and colour we prefer.

So Tasty That We Are Global...

The Evolution